This is Fostina. She joined the City of Joy aged 16 in 2015 whilst attending St Patrick’s School just outside of Mazabuka. She’s a hard working and committed student, she had to walk for an hour to and from school every day but never complained!

After leaving the City of Joy in December 2016 with good grades her family had no money to further her education so she moved to Nakambala Parish to live with her grandmother. Many of the Share the Light advocates met Fostina when they visited so she got in contact and asked for help. Originally she asked for support to study teaching because it was the cheapest option but she really was set on studying nursing. She has the right grades and the potential for nursing and Share the Light is currently fundraising to support Fostina’s tuition and living costs so she can fulfill this aspiration.

We will continue to work with Fostina and and provide updates on her progress.

If you would like to help with our efforts please do get in contact.

Hello to everyone… I want to thank all the Salesians in England who have made me be who I am. I have a reason to smile because of the love and care you show me! I will continue to ask GOD to give you long lives and to grant you all your hearts desires.

I want to be a nurse so I can help people, I want to help both orphans and the poor.