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30 06, 2018

2018 Zambia Trip

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The day has arrived and the 2018 Advocates are on their way to Zambia. We wish them and the Spanish Advocates a safe journey to the amazing City of Joy. Their reflections before going were very much around what they hope to be able to give whilst [...]

29 06, 2018

Northchapel Primary School

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So many talented young children who sang, played the piano, violin and guitar with such confidence.  It really was a joy to have been invited to be part of such a wonderful evening. Mrs James organises these concerts in support of the Porridge club.  The delightful 'Northchapel Porridge club [...]

27 06, 2018

Porridge Club

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Our new advocates will spend time at Luyobolola Community School and see the Porridge Club in action. It costs just £10 to feed one student for a year. For many of these children, the meal provided through the Porridge Club may be the only meal they have that day. [...]

26 06, 2018

City of Joy 2

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Thanks to all our wonderful supporters Share the Light is able to contribute to the maintenance costs of the City of Joy. This in turn enables Sister to continue to provide a loving home for so many young girls. Your donations are used in so many different [...]

25 06, 2018

City of Joy

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Home ‘the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household’ For the girls at the City of Joy it means a safe, loving environment, nurturing their potential and affirming the qualities and talents they had forgotten they had. What does it mean to [...]

21 06, 2018

“Throwback Thursday” Zambia 2017

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Joe remembers his final morning in Zambia— a couple of us woke up at 5 to say goodbye to the girls before they left for school and one of the girls, Mable, said something to me which has stuck with me ever since. Her last words to me before [...]

19 06, 2018

STL 2018 Advocates to Zambia

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The next group of students from Salesian College (Farnborough) and Salesian Sarria (Barcelona) will soon be travelling to Zambia to see first-hand the work that Share the Light is undertaking. Excitement is building!  Here’s a few of their responses when asked what they're looking forward to from the trip…… [...]

4 06, 2018

Salesians de Sarria

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‘I was pleased to meet some of the students who visited Zambia in previous years with Share the Light and delighted to find out that they are still involved and fundraising. They recently ran a roses for lovers stall in the centre of Barcelona on St [...]

3 06, 2018

Make us smile

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A smile is a facial expression formed primarily by flexing the muscles at the sides of the mouth. It is believed it takes about 42 muscles to smile. Help us smile by clicking this link and accepting Share the Light as the charity you wish to support when you shop AmazonSmile is a [...]

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