It’s nearly pay day!!

When you get that full bank balance feeling and want to share the love, how about supporting one of our current fundraisers? Alicia’s running the ‘Glow in the Park Run’ this Saturday Earlier this month: - Katherine completed the ‘Great North Run' Jennifer completed the [...]

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An invitation from Salesian Link

Delighted to say we have been invited by the Social Media and Communications Manager of Salesian Link to write a monthly article for their website and e-news. If you love reading about us (why wouldn’t you), then check out this month’s contribution which introduces Share the Light and stay [...]

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Fund raising at the Great North Run

Katherine Lindquist, one of our amazing trustees undertook the Great North Run last weekend, if anyone would like to make a donation in recognition of her great effort please do on the my donate page below. Remember every penny raised makes a real difference to someone's lives so please be [...]

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