Bruce runs his own business in Zambia.  He has also mentored and supported a number of young students over the years.  He recently sent the following update on Cloudy, pictured right.

“I am glad to inform you that after benefiting from the scholarship offered by SHARE THE LIGHT to Zambian students, Cloudy is now a man and just found employment as a General farm manager in one of the big and well known farms in Chisamba Zambia of about 1500 hectors.

Cloudy, studied Animal health in one of the local training institutions, government owned, called Zambia institute of animal health (ZIAH) for two years through the help of the Share the Light. He is among hundreds of the children that have benefited from the organization and I am proud to report to you that he has greatly achieved the best of his life with education.

Working as a Farm manager of that magnitude, he is in charge of hundreds of cattle both beef and dairy, thousands of poultry quells, Guinea fowls, black austral chickens and village chickens.

He is very happy to have found this employment through the education offered to him by Share the Light.”

With help from all our supporters we are proud to be changing lives through education.