Having selected MyDonate as our ‘giving’ platform when setting up this charity, we are sad to see that it will be closing at the end of June.

Not to worry, we’ve selected another like-minded not-for-profit organisation and are busy working to get set up and running with them as soon as possible.

Until then you can continue to use MyDonate without any concerns.  If you donate monthly you may wish to move to a direct to charity donation via standing order.  Should you need help with bank details please email us at contact@sharethelight.uk  Otherwise you can wait and switch over to our new platform.

We have many supporters that opt to donate online and here’s yet another example that shows how fab-u-lous they are……one decided to donate half of their heating allowance…..‘Because we have so much and they so little’.

‘Zikomo’ ‘Twalumba Kapati’ ‘Thank you’