Students at Luyobolola school value their education, recognising the opportunity it provides to change their situation. The bowl of Porridge we ensure every student receives each day through our Porridge Club serves as additional incentive for regular attendance.

The Headmaster confirmed that some students walk 3 miles/5km to school and then back home, a total of 31 miles/50km per week. No chance of a lift from Mum or Dad! Adding the total distance of the 751 students we calculated that they would manage to walk to the UK in a little over a week.

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We’d like the Big Spin to last a little longer to ensure we can give as many of our supporters a chance to join in the fun, raise funds and get healthy whilst helping us achieve our goal of cycling to Zambia. Therefore we’re tracking just 30 Zambian students.

The Zambia team have now walked close to 1400 miles/2,253 km and are near Bodalangi, still in the DRC but only 50 miles from the Central African Republic.

Our Salesian supporters are doing their best to keep up but need your help, so at the end of next week we’ll let you know how you can join in.