In addition to supporting our initiative areas we also like to challenge ourselves by selecting a few projects each year.

This year we’ve decided to: –
1. Complete the roof repairs needed at the City of Joy
2. Build an Ablutions Block at Luyobolola School
3. Finish the perimeter wall at the City of Joy

As a small charity fundraising is tough, but our secret weapon is our fabulous supporters, here’s a few comments from our giving site that demonstrates this well.

An ongoing monthly commitment
‘I have seen first-hand the great work of this charity. I am currently unable to commit much of my time but I hope my small contribution helps in some way for Share the Light to continue it’s amazing work.’

A family money match
‘This charity is promoted by my sons school and he said he wanted to put some of his savings towards the charity,
I was very proud of him for deciding this on his own. I decided to match his donation.’

A families choice
’Our son has chosen Share the Light as the charity we donate to this Christmas’

‘Zikomo’ ‘Twalumba Kapati’ ‘Thank you’