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By the young, for the young

Our goal is to develop young adults who are knowledgeable, articulate and personally engaged ‘advocates’ for the developing world.

Inspired by the teachings of Don Bosco and the work of Sean Devereux – a Salesian missionary and United Nations role model who was tragically killed while working for UNICEF in Somalia – our students are motivated to take an active role in the developing world’s future.

What our Advocates Say

The highlight of my two weeks in Zambia was meeting all the children at oratory! I loved playing with them and getting to know them all just a little bit. It was so rewarding to be able to play and learn from them. 

Charlotte, Advocate

The highlight of my two weeks in Zambia was experiencing the nutrition programme. It was so rewarding delivering the packages to those who would otherwise have no food.

Tamara, Advocate

One of the highlights of the trip was helping at Oratory. We couldn’t believe the energy the children brought to the games we played, even after a tiring day at school.

Jo, Advocate

I have fond memories of each brilliant moment, and I’m very grateful to have been able to document the phenomenal time we shared as this year’s advocates with my camera. The stories of steadfastness amidst obstacles and ubiquitous joy are stories and lessons I hope to emulate and will continue to share as part of the Share the Light family. My experience really reflects on the fact Zambia is the happiest place on Earth.

Bernard, Advocate

To look back at it, my experience in Zambia was totally surreal; it was a complete change of perspective. It showed me that the world we see is shaped by our experiences, and coming back from Zambia has done just that. I’ve found myself evaluating things in a new, appreciative way.

Sam, Advocate

Zambia was truly an incredible experience. It really keeps a place in your heart and I will cherish the memories of the City of Joy, the Oratory, and of the faith and happiness everyone had.

Patrick, Advocate

The energy possessed by the girls is infectious. One of my fondest memories of the trip was being on the bus with the girls, ready for a calm journey. The second the girls entered the bus they filled it with their songs and laughter, eventually even getting ‘Uncle Richard’ to join in.

Sam, Advocate

One of my memories from Zambia was visiting people in their homes. Even though they had very little, they had the brightest of smiles on their faces and the stories they told were incredibly inspiring.

Megan, Advocate

The highlight of my trip to Zambia was going to Luyobolola School, as it was an honour to see the smiles on all the children’s faces when you taught them and gave them porridge. It was a true delight to see firsthand all the good work Share The Light are doing and it makes me proud to be a part of it.

Sophie, Advocate

Visiting Manyana Primary school was truly a unique experience. It was eye-opening to see the sheer happiness the most simple of things brought to the children and the way in which they lived so basically, yet seemed to enjoy life so much more than us.

Alex, Advocate

The happiest two weeks of my life – being around people who are constantly smiling and full of energy brings out the best in you.

Joe, Advocate

Visiting Zambia was an incredible experience; meeting people who were so incredibly happy and full of joy, even though they had so little was truly inspiring.  It was a life-changing experience that I will never forget.

Ollie, Advocate

Zambia was the most amazing and eye-opening experience of my life, it really put my life into a new perspective. Meeting the amazing people in Zambia and the girls at the City of Joy made my faith even stronger because, despite their hardships in life, they are still insanely thankful for what they do have their positivity and outlook on life completely changed my own.

Ben, Advocate

A Little Something From Zambia

Fundraising: A Change for Better

In addition to raising awareness of our work, fundraising is an incredibly important part of our advocates’ role. The money they raise is used in a variety of ways, from providing scholarships to students to enable them to attend university, to funding the Porridge Club so that primary school children can start the day with a nutritious meal.

Every penny helps to make a difference.

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