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The Big Spin….time to join in!

Share the Light UK Advocates and Zambian Advocates are undertaking a jointly sponsored event to try to reach each other (virtually) somewhere between Farnborough and Mazabuka. The UK team will be attempting to cycle the 6983.44 miles (11245 km) distance using spinning classes, road and exercise bikes and the Zambian team will be logging how far [...]

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An update from Bruce

Bruce runs his own business in Zambia.  He has also mentored and supported a number of young students over the years.  He recently sent the following update on Cloudy, pictured right. “I am glad to inform you that after benefiting from the scholarship offered by SHARE THE LIGHT to Zambian [...]

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Capital and Provincial

We're so lucky to have support from this wonderful company, read about their last fundraiser. "With Christmas firmly behind everyone and the need to flush out the systems from all the over indulging, the team from C&P got back on the health train in January. This gave us the chance [...]

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Crest Publishers

Share the Light is fortunate to receive support in so many different ways. Loving our fabulous Scholarship leaflets, thanks to the generosity and skill of Crest Publications. They certainly go the extra mile! Check them out at www.crestpublications.com ‘Zikomo’ ‘Twalumba Kapati’ ‘Thank you’ Whilst they're beautiful in the glossy hard [...]

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The Big Spin…..Zambia

Students at Luyobolola school value their education, recognising the opportunity it provides to change their situation. The bowl of Porridge we ensure every student receives each day through our Porridge Club serves as additional incentive for regular attendance. The Headmaster confirmed that some students walk 3 miles/5km to school and [...]

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Scholarships – International Women’s Day

Enjoy reading an extract from Sophie's latest article written for International Women's Day. The full version will be published in their printed magazine https://www.salesians.org.uk/news-articles/featured-news/support-women-support-the-world.html

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Scholarships – Who will you help?

You've heard about some of our students, read about a few more. Download our current booklet. Scholarship Booklet 2019Download (Print in landscape, double sided) Sponsor a student contact@sharethelight.uk Make a donation via our website www.sharethelight.uk Join our Scholarship team as a volunteer and help us raise funds Share this post [...]

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Scholarships – Philip

"First I would like to thank you for everything. I thank you for my education up to now, God will always bless you." Philip Shortly after Philip passed his grade 9 examinations his father left the family home.  As a result there was no money to continue to pay his [...]

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The Big Spin…where are they now?

Share the Light UK Advocates and Zambian Advocates are undertaking a jointly sponsored event to try to reach each other (virtually) somewhere between Farnborough and Mazabuka. The UK team will be attempting to cycle the 6983.44 miles (11245 km) distance using spinning classes, road bicycles and exercise bikes and the [...]

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Scholarships – Angela

"This charity has really changed my life and solved one big problem in my life and for my family. It has made my life easy by sponsoring me and supporting me to fulfil my dreams. Thank you for your support and for being with me from Grade 8 until now [...]

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