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Welcome to the new sharethelight.uk

Hello there and welcome to our new site! We love our community and want to make it great. To help with that, we re-designed our site, updated the content and optimised it to give a better experience. This is the best place to keep up to date on all things [...]

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Christmas Carolling in Camberley

Advocates Carolling In Camberley 2018 Christmas Carol Singing in Camberley raised a wonderful £101.12 for the Porridge Club. Just £10 feeds a child porridge each day at school for a year so that is 10 children fed for the next year! Thank you to Mr Smith and all those who [...]

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Thanks from Fostina

Fostina reached out to Share The Light in April 2017 after meeting many of the advocates when they visited the city of Joy. She had graduated with good grades but had no funds to continue her studies. With the help of STL she started a nursing course in Lusaka [...]

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Fundraising for the Porridge Club

Our awesome advocates were out at the weekend presenting at local parishes for the Porridge club ‘Christmas Joy Vouchers’ fund. A huge THANK YOU to the generosity of parishioners at St Edmunds, Godalming and St Joseph’s Milford, who donated/pledged over £850 at their Sunday morning and Youth services masses.  [...]

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UPDATE: Space to Learn Project

Luyobolola primary school opened in 2001 and has an ever-increasing number of students attending.  Currently, 729 students all try to fit within the existing 6 classrooms, many are left being taught outside! Share the Light decided to fund the conversion of a derelict area previously used for woodworking [...]

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The Colour Carnival

  On 19th August, Salesian College plays host to food, drink and powdered paint debauchery, as Share the Light hosts the inaugural Colour Carnival. In the first event of its kind, there will be live music, a BBQ and a bar. However, be wary of the buzzer, as when it [...]

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Robert Simmons Solicitors

The lovely people at Robert Simmons Solicitors have offered to support us! Find out more in their ad below. Robert Simmons Solicitors are supporting Robert Simmons Solicitors have offered to donate a percentage of their professional fees received through instructions when Share the [...]

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Meet Fostina (Scholarship Programme)

This is Fostina. She joined the City of Joy aged 16 in 2015 whilst attending St Patrick’s School just outside of Mazabuka. She's a hard working and committed student, she had to walk for an hour to and from school every day but never complained! After leaving the City of Joy in December [...]

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Welcome to sharethelight.uk

We have lift off. On behalf of the Share the Light team I welcome you to our brand new website. After what feels like forever we are prime time ready! We're here to help YOU keep up with all things Share the Light. This is THE PLACE for all [...]

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