We have so much talent!

We are very fortunate to have some real stars within our young advocate community.  Proactive and always willing to help.  Here’s two that illustrate why we are so very proud of them. If you haven’t already (and why not?) take a look at our new website created by our [...]

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‘Zikomo’ ‘Twalumba Kapati’ ‘Thank You’

The generosity of all our wonderful supporters enables us to continue to improve lives on a daily basis in Zambia. Simple but essential items such as school uniforms, shoes and book bags for the young students at Luyobolola Community School and for the girls at the City of Joy [...]

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2018 – Zambia Trip 4

Yesterday was another busy day for our Advocates in Zambia. From the update received via Richard I understand that they were working hard at the City of Joy helping to renovate the girls’ homes. The local team who are building the ‘farm’ were also at the City of Joy [...]

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2018 Zambia Trip 2

‘After a long journey, we all arrived safely in Zambia, with a very warm welcome from the girls, with lots of smiles on their faces, which included lots of singing! This was followed by a showcase which they had prepared for us with typical Zambian dancing and singing - [...]

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City of Joy 2

Thanks to all our wonderful supporters Share the Light is able to contribute to the maintenance costs of the City of Joy. This in turn enables Sister to continue to provide a loving home for so many young girls. Your donations are used in so many different [...]

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City of Joy

Home ‘the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household’ For the girls at the City of Joy it means a safe, loving environment, nurturing their potential and affirming the qualities and talents they had forgotten they had. What does it mean to [...]

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