Zambia 2019 – Reflection

We have started to receive feedback and media from the students of Salesian College, following their visit to Zambia this summer. We are, as always, delighted to note the positive impact seeing the work Share the Light is undertaking first hand has had on these new advocates. Each visiting group [...]

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Zambia 2019

The visiting advocates from Salesian College, Farnborough have been in Zambia for nearly a week observing and participating in our work. We have some wonderful real time posts which provide a flavour of a few of their experiences to date.

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Countdown to Zambia 2019

In just one week the next group of advocates from Salesian College (Farnborough) and Salesian Sarria (Barcelona) will be travelling to Zambia to see first-hand the work Share the Light is undertaking. In April the students shared an evening with our entire advocate team. If you'd like a reminder of [...]

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STL Northchapel Primary School

"On Wednesday it was wonderful to share with many of you in our Annual Music Concert. It was fabulous to have our newly formed string ensemble playing and to see both violins and cello pieces within the concert alongside singing and piano. We welcomed a super young man called Joe [...]

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St Hugh’s Run

Our magnificent supporters at Salesian College Farnborough undertook a run for Share the Light on Tuesday 12th March. Organised by their form teacher, students from St Hugh's house raised a terrific £400 for the Porridge Club. This will ensure 40 students at Luyobolola school will receive a nutritious breakfast every [...]

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Spreading Joy to Zambia

We're thrilled that the Salesian media group selected our December article as one of their Advent reflections. Credit yet again to our wonderful STL editor Sophie.

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Bringing Joy at Christmas

Only 33 days until Christmas and the search for gifts is on! So, here's the opportunity to give your family and friends a wonderful gift of a ‘Joy Voucher’, provided in a presentation pack, from Bank of Share the Light this Christmas. To provide porridge, milk & other nutritional [...]

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