Some Background

Zambia’s AIDS pandemic decimated many families, leaving the eldest siblings at their head. Along with abject poverty, this left girls and young women particularly vulnerable and open to abuse. At the City of Joy, these vulnerable girls are given a loving home and family where they feel safe and cared for again.

The City of Joy

Girls and advocates sat in a line at the City of Joy

The City of Joy is run by the Salesian Sisters who work for the good of young people around the world. Their purpose is to provide a home, a school, a church and a playground for all those they care for. We support the Sisters in their work at the City of Joy, helping to look after the ever-growing number of girls they currently have living with them. We help cater for the medical and nutritional requirements of the girls, as well as providing clothing, school uniforms and other equipment.

Additionally, we help provide transport to enable groups from the City of Joy to travel out together safely, as well as funding maintenance of fencing to keep their boundaries secure. Through fundraising we currently send £200 a month to the City of Joy.


City of Joy is a home for the girls who are in need. The help that we receive from the Share the Light group means a lot to us. First and foremost, the girls feel loved. It also bring healing, especially to those who are psychologically affected by their past experiences. Your help and support has changed most of them. Thank you.

Sr Ngosa, City of Joy

“Being able to spend time with the girls in the City of Joy, learn about some of their stories and their ambitions really gave me a massive appreciation for the value of education in empowering people and changing lives.”

Advocate, Share the Light

“We are grateful for your continual support, which we have always felt when you are near to us and when you are far away in your country. Everything has been going on well regarding school and our well-being as our diet has greatly improved and we are happy and grateful.”

Mable, Maureen, Patricia and Idah, City of Joy