Donate as You Shop!

What if you could donate money every time you shop? What if it didn’t cost you anything extra to do it?

Well you can do just that! When shopping at Amazon go to, set Share the Light as your charity and a percentage of everything you spend goes to us. It’s that simple.

We’ve also partnered with The Giving Machine. Every time you go to a retailer through them they get commission which in turn is converted to donations for great causes (like us, wink, wink). Click here to get started, or watch the video on the right explaining how it works in more detail.

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You can also send a cheque with your donation. Please write it out to Share the Light and send it to Share the Light, 119 Reading Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6PA.

Finally, if you want to set up a bank transfer please contact us (details on the ‘Contact’ page) and we will get the necessary details back to you ASAP.