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City of Joy

The City of Joy is a home for young girls who have been abused, orphaned (Zambia has a very high HIV rate and as such children being orphaned by both parents and left to fend for themselves is not unusual) or are from disadvantaged homes.

The STL advocates were so touched by the stories from some of these young girls which included gang rape, abuse, having to fend for themselves from very young ages and other tragic circumstances that they decided to try support the City of Joy to be able to ensure that the girls could have a safe, friendly environment which could also allow them to go to school and better their lives.

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Porridge Club

Our advocates identified when visiting schools that many children in primary education due to extreme poverty were not actually having any food on some days which was affecting their performance in school.

The Porridge club was formed to ensure that all children could be guaranteed at least one meal a day. The schools report not only better performance by all students, but also a large increase in numbers attending school.

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Scholarship Programme

A scholarship programme is in place to allow payment of school fees and to provide support for those able and willing to progress beyond the basic education which for those fortunate to receive any education stops at year 9. We have already had some success with several newly qualified teachers coming through the system and this year will have our first qualified Doctor.

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Advocates Programme

Sean Devereux, a Salesian missionary and United Nations role model, was murdered in Somalia in 1993 whilst working for UNICEF. An essential part of our work is to develop young people who are articulate, informed and personally engaged ‘advocates’ for the developing world. As a past student of Salesian College Farnborough we understand Sean to be the first ‘advocate’ who has provided the motivation for subsequent students involved in these activities to follow in his footsteps.

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