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Porridge Club

The Porridge Club runs at Luyobolola Community Primary School in Mazabuka. Over 700 children attend the school for free each day; they are all provided with a bowl of nutritionally balanced porridge during one of the breaks between lessons. For many of these children, the meal provided through the Porridge Club may be the only meal they have that day. For some families, they can only afford to feed one of their children each day so the others may go hungry for 2 or more days. The porridge provided at school not only gives the children vital nutrients but has improved attendance at school as well as their ability to concentrate and therefore learn.

The Porridge Club raises funds for 2 areas: Mrs Mweete’s Porridge Club and the Sister’s of Mercy Nutrition Programme.

To feed one child a bowl of porridge every day for a whole year costs just £10.

£10 is such a small cost for such a huge difference to their well-being and education.

The Nutrition Programme also works to support the community in Mazabuka. It provides essential food items, clothing, blankets etc for those who are sick or out of work. It is an essential lifeline for those in need.

What We’ve Been Doing…

Library Sleepover

A selection of students from all year groups have a sleepover in the Library! They play games but also raise awareness of what the Porridge Club does. This year the sleepover raised £460.

Christmas and Easter ‘Joy Vouchers’

Instead of buying a gift at Christmas or an Easter egg ‘Joy Vouchers’ can be purchased and are presented for you to give in a gift envelope.

Carol Singing in Camberley

A selection of our choir members sing in the shopping centre to bring a festive touch to those shopping! This year £600 was raised by the carollers!

Please Help Us

Over 700 individual students need feeding on a daily basis at Luyobolola Primary School. It costs just £10 to feed one student for a year but that means we need to raise at least £7000 to ensure all the students at the school are fed. We also need a further £2-3000 to support those in need inMazabuka’s local community.

Eventually, we would like to support the school to grow their own crops and help teach the children farming skills. This would enable them to become more self sufficient. For this to happen, they would need transport to get to land they have been given but also the tools and seeds to start farming crops.

Latest Updates…

Thanks from Fostina

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