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Scholarship Programme

Zambia, has been heavily affected by the AIDS crisis and leaves many children orphaned, with no family to support them. Children in such situations do not have access to a stable education and thus, their future prospects are severely limited. The Scholarship Programme aims to support children in accessing this vital education to enable them to realise their future ambitions.

We strive to provide and maintain scholarship funds for students which can help change their future by opening new doors and fulfil their aspirations in life.

We support children through their basic education to help give them the foundations to go further. We aim to provide for them both financially and practically on each step of this journey.

Many children do not complete their secondary education for all sorts of social and economic reasons and we therefore see it as vital that we enable them to build these foundations for the future.

We do have children at all stages of their education requiring vital support and have many success stories where young people have gone on to become teachers, business professionals and medical personnel.

£175 per year will see a child through each year of their secondary education. All donations make a difference and whether you are able to support a child through a complete year or a part of it, you can be assured that you are making a very big difference to a child’s life.

Should you be interested in supporting a young person through further education the costs ranges from £600 to £900+ per annum depending on the subject studied. Please provide your details and we will get in touch to discuss this further.

All donations are welcome, valuable, and hugely appreciated.

We write to appreciate what the group does for us here in Zambia. To us this is a very big achievement, you planted a seed which germinated, a tree is growing and has now began to produce fruits!

Mrs Mweete, Zambian Project Co-Ordinator

May I use this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to share the light in the life of the young ones here in Zambia. Lives have been changed for the better by the presence of Share the Light in our country.
I have seen children changing faces of sadness to happiness because of the help from Share the Light.  You are doing a great job particularly for my city Mazabuka.
Thank you so very much. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the summer when you visit.


A Success Story

There’s More…

Picture of Cloudy, Layson and Choongo

L-R: Cloudy, he is studying animal husbandry just started last year October.

Layson completed his grade twelve last year and just got his results this month and did very well.

Choongo is studying automotive mechanics in the second year. These are three guys that are benefiting from the scholarship.

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