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We’ve helped Jolie graduate as a teacher.  We’re helping James gain a secondary education.  We hope to help Christopher go to University.

About the Scholarship Programme

Zambia has been heavily affected by the AIDS crisis, which has left many children and young people with no family to support them. As a result, these children do not have access to a stable education, severely limiting their future prospects. The Scholarship Programme aims to support children and young people in accessing this vital education, creating opportunities and enabling them to realise their ambitions. We strive to provide and maintain scholarship funds for students, allowing them to change their futures by opening new doors and giving them the tools to fulfil their life aspirations.

We support children through their basic education to help give them the foundations to go further, and aim to provide ongoing assistance to help students complete their secondary education, and even to attend university. Our scholarship programme offers both financial and practical help to support young people on each step of their journey. We have children at all stages of their education requiring vital support and have many success stories where young people have gone on to become teachers, business professionals and medical personnel.

Depending on the school, between £100 and £400 will see a child through a year of secondary education. All donations make a difference and whether you are able to support a child through a complete year or a part of it, you can be assured that you are making a very big difference to a child’s life. Should you be interested in supporting a young person through further education the costs range from £700 to £1,000+ per annum depending on the subject studied – for example, courses such as Medicine cost considerably more.

Want to be involved? Contact us – all donations are welcome, valuable, and hugely appreciated. You can find out about more of our students in the booklet.

Please note: programme applications are only open to students in Mazabuka, Zambia.


I feel valued to have been part of the world’s largest networking group that is changing millions of lives positively. I am a graduate today because of Share the Light. I will endeavour to share the light through my work by being honest, loyal and exhibiting integrity. May God bless you all.

Jolie, Zambian Graduate

One of the many standout experiences of my Zambia trip in 2017 was the impact of the Scholarship Programme. Whilst we can sometimes take our education for granted, with guaranteed loan funding for higher education, the options available to the students supported by Share the Light are simply not the same, with opportunities severely limited for a variety of social and economic reasons. Therefore, it was humbling to witness the motivation of the Scholarship students. I was fortunate to conduct a number of interviews for the Scholarship Programme and their fortitude was genuinely inspirational, with so many of the students aspiring to become doctors and teachers, driven by a desire to help others. These sessions confirmed that the Scholarship Programme is vital for them to succeed, maximising their potential and contributing positively to society.

Rob, Advocate

Having had two children go on the trip to Zambia, spend time with the girls and see Share the Light in action, as a family we felt a strong desire to really give something meaningful back. The idea of sponsoring a student so that she can achieve her potential feels as though it completes a circle given the thought-provoking experiences that Zambia provided for our children. It is made even more significant due to the fact we know we are helping a lovely, kind girl fulfil her ambition.

UK Sponsors of Fostina

Now 20 students have already completed grade 12 and are doing various jobs. Five have also completed their college studies and are working as teachers, religious sisters, priests and farmers. 15 students currently are in various grades at school and college sponsored by Share the Light. It has been a dream come true for most underprivileged children to get an education through such a caring group. I have been privileged to work with such a wonderful, life-changing organisation since its inception. Share more light to many!

Mrs Mweete

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